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If you are a California resident, please be informed that due to restrictions, Sportron no longer ships to California.  If you want to order these products, you must make other arrangements.

Sportron has a new website, and we are no longer independent reps for Sportron, but are "Affiliate" sellers for Sportron International.  You can still get their wholefood products, engineered with Food Matrix, by clicking HERE - where they offer FREE shipping on auto-shipments and monthly specials.

If you need more information on this, feel free to contact me at

Sportron International Nutritional Products:

Ultragard Forte Calcitone Omegatone Joint Formula
B-Plex C-Plex D-Plex - 5000 D-Plex - 2000
Sugar Formula Completron Phytoplex Blood Formula
Turbo Ex Viva    

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Sportron International Order Online - blood sugar control & innovative breakthrough for health - Joint Relief - Skin Care - Sportrim - Weight LossSportron International Order Online - blood sugar control & innovative breakthrough for health - Joint Relief - Skin Care - Sportrim - Weight LossSportron International Order Online - blood sugar control & innovative breakthrough for health - Joint Relief - Skin Care - Sportrim - Weight LossSportron International Order Online - blood sugar control & innovative breakthrough for health - Joint Relief - Skin Care - Sportrim - Weight LossSportron International Order Online - blood sugar control & innovative breakthrough for health - Joint Relief - Skin Care - Sportrim - Weight Loss

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